A Runner's Goal

{September 12, 2011}   no more waiting

I got up this morning, got dressed, and Tony was like “I’m getting there.” No. I wanted to get a full three miles in (knowing he probably only wanted to do the 1.5), and I wouldn’t have time if I waited for him to get up. Maybe it’s mean, but I’m not going to hold myself back because he can’t get his arse out of bed anymore. I’m not going to care about his cardiovascular fitness if he’s not going to.

When I got back, he was in the shower… so maybe he did a fifteen minute run while I was out – as he says, I’ll never know. But, I did manage to shave about 40 seconds off my time from last time! When I can get it back down to a solid 35 minutes (remember the hills!) I’ll be a happy spazzie.

Miles today: 3.20
Miles on these shoes: 173.01


{September 7, 2011}   not gonna baby myself anymore

I got for one run last week. ONE. Not pleased. We had a couple good hikes on the weekend, and while it’s awesome to be out and active, I need to be doing my runs. So, this morning, I woke up, didn’t wait for Tony, and went out and did my 3-mile hilly run. My time wasn’t great, but I didn’t expect it to be. I walked up the two huge hills at the end because my ankle was beginning to burn in a not good way. But I did it, in about 40 minutes, which isn’t horrible for the first go in a while. I just can’t deal with only running a mile and a half at a time. It’s not enough. I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything. I want to get back up to running LONG runs – 10 miles or more. I can’t do that babying myself.

Miles today: 4.67
Miles on these shoes: 169.81

{August 24, 2011}   getting better

I got up the hill today! Walked for about a half-block afterwards, but I made it all the way up. Next step is to run the whole thing.

We missed yesterday’s run, but we are going to get at least 4 in this week (ultimate goal was 5, but 4 was minimum). Then we’ll start doing longer runs. This whole getting in shape thing… kiiinda sucks… especially since it’s all short distances. I’m not sure if I could necessarily do 6 miles respectably right now, but when I was doing longer runs, it took about 3 miles for me to get good and warmed up. So we’ll see… I can’t wait to get back into longer distances.

Miles today: 1.44
Miles on these shoes: 165.14

{August 22, 2011}   whimped out

Had issues with the hill again today. I had total laser focus, until I got about 10 feet from the crest… then I got a stitch and let my breathing get out of hand, and I gave up. I was almost hyperventilating, and I started to get dizzy. I really need to get a handle on this – I never used to have this problem. But with OCS so far on the back burner, I guess I’ve lost my drive a little bit. I need to get it back.

Miles today: 1.45
Miles on these shoes: 163.70

{August 19, 2011}   mind games

My brain totally got the better of me today – I couldn’t make it up the hill… or at least my brain told my body that. Overall, though, we trimmed about 2 minutes off our time, which is good. Little bursts of speed help, but we should really get to the point where running at a consistent speed keeps us fast. My sprint was about :30/mi faster today, though 🙂 Baby steps.

Miles today: 1.44
Miles on these shoes: 162.25

{August 17, 2011}   much better

After some coercing by Tony, and finally some self ass-kickery, we got out for another run this morning. It went FAR better than the one on Monday. I was able to run the whole way up the hill, and wanted to continue running, but Tony wanted a walk for about a block or so. Overall, not bad, and while I didn’t wear my garmin because I knew the distance and didn’t want to deal with it, I’m almost positive we were MUCH faster than last time. Little steps.

Miles today: 1.47
Miles on these shoes: 160.81

{August 15, 2011}   starting from scratch

We’ve finally made the affirmative decision to get our health back on track, starting with short runs and working our way back up. The short runs are, unfortunately, necessary… I got light-headed and almost puked running up an hill I’ve run up plenty of times before, and had to lay down when I got home because my sprint at the end got me dizzy. While I was once a marathoner, my body doesn’t remember it because it has been so long. I need to be patient with this process of getting back into shape, otherwise I’ll wind up hurting myself.

Miles today: 1.47
Miles on these shoes: 159.34

{July 6, 2011}   getting back in shape

Who would have thought I would have to get back in shape after running a marathon? Certainly not me! But, here I am, step after difficult step, getting back in shape. Today I did a bit of a shorter run, but I ran a significantly higher percentage of it than I had the last few. Well… jogged… but that’s also part of the getting back in shape portion. I will get there. I just have to make time for it. Time won’t magically be there if I don’t go out of my way to wake up early and get it done. That will be my plan of attack from now on.

Miles today: 2.20
Miles on these shoes: 157.87

{July 4, 2011}   working on it

Got out again today… I was able to go up the whole first hill, and more of the second than I thought, but petered out again. It’s okay, it’s been a while. I plan to make that NOT happen again. This means actually getting my arse out of bed before work, but I can do it. I WILL do it.

Happy 4th, everyone!

Miles today: 3.40
Miles on these shoes: 155.67

{June 22, 2011}   Longest. Hiatus. EVER.

I have absolutely no excuse for why I didn’t go for a run past getting back from New York. Five weeks of no excuse is horrible, and I absolutely apologize to you as my readers/donors, and also to my poor body which now feels like it’s never been on a run before. I did my normal hilly three-mile route, and did a lot of walking. Even running flat parts, I just got TIRED. I’m horrifically out of shape, and that needs to, and will change. I want to get in the habit of going for a run every day before work, even if that means getting up at 5am to do it (maybe 6 will work if we’re going to open at 8?). I want to do another marathon, and it’s really sad and frustrating that, despite having run one, my body feels like it’s never set foot outside in sneakers.

I also sent my Captain the definitive I can’t do OCC-208 this year email. His response was I kinda figured. Maybe June…

Miles today: 3.20
Miles on these shoes: 152.27

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